Camo Graphics

iCandy Grafix offers a full spectrum of camo patterns to suit your environment and likes. iCandy offers custom in-house prints of the “urban” digital camo, as well as official hunters camo patterns such as Realtree. Get just a “rocker pannel” kit or a full wrap.

Full WrapMaterialInstallationPackage
Mini SUV & Jeep (soft Top)$600


Compact Truck or SUV$900


Full Size Truck or SUV$1,200

Large Truck or SUV$,400


Rocker Panel$250$250
Fender Flairs$100$25
Metal Bumper$50$50
Plastic Bumper$100$50
Windshield Visor$35$20
Vent Visor (2)$35$35
Bug Deflector$35$50
Window Vision 23″x60″$150$25
Window Vision 23″x30″$75$20
Headlight/Tail Film (2) 12″x18″$35