What To Look For In A Wrap and Why Wraps Fail

Here at iCandy, we pride ourselves in the attention to detail and producing a superb product! Other sign shops often fall victim to the issues in this article from signindustry.com, which explains what to look for when getting a wrap, and why they can potentially fail. Don’t let a second rate sign shop sell you a second rate wrap.

When everything goes well, these graphics can be durable, effective and attractive.

However, there is a lot of room for error between start and finish –
For example, if a finished graphic has excessive bubbles or wrinkles, the job is headed for failure. If vinyl begins lifting, peeling or falling off the surface, failure has officially arrived. For the purpose of this article, I define “vinyl failure” as the customer rejecting the graphic because of legitimate quality concerns or any time the vinyl does not adhere as it should. If you understand the root causes of vinyl failures, you can prevent them and do successful graphic installations. This article will identify issues, examine causes and recommend solutions for why wraps fail.

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